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      Special flocculant for urban sewage

      Series of flocculants for drinking water treatment

      Series of flocculants for drinking water treatment

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      Key words: Flocculant series of municipal wastewater treatment products
      Description: Hongdali production R & D center according to the customer's site conditions, the preparation and production of flocculants consistent with the customer's production.

      Detailed Description

      Urban sewage treatment           

      The flocculant used in tap water treatment must have the characteristics of low toxicity. This point should be tested and certified by the authoritative departments. Countries have made regulations on the maximum allowable content of residual acrylamide in flocculants. For example, the State Bureau of technical supervision of China requires that the content of acrylamide in food hygiene grade products should not exceed 0.05% (500ppm). Generally speaking, surface water, as a source of tap water, often contains more xanthic acid, which has strong anion. Therefore, adding aluminum, iron salt coagulant, organic coagulant, or organic and inorganic coagulant mixture in primary coagulation, after coagulation, adding quantitative flocculant, can form large floc and further purify water. Organic polymer is a new generation of coagulant.            

      The main characteristics of the flocculant developed and produced by the company are as follows:            

      • It needs only one tenth of aluminum and iron salt;            

      • Do not change the pH value of water. However, aluminum and iron can reduce the pH value of water and bring acidity;            

      • The output of sludge is much less than that of aluminum and iron salts;           

      • It does not increase the content of soluble aluminum in water and reduce the harmful degree of aluminum to human body;            

      • Organic coagulant has a good effect on algae removal, It destroys algae cells and makes cell residues combine in flocs.

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