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      Special flocculant for beneficiation

      Mineral processing flocculant product series

      Mineral processing flocculant product series

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      Key words: High molecular weight polyacrylamide alumina molecular weight flocculant
      Description: In view of the different conditions on the site, HTC developed and produced different types of flocculants suitable for different mine production

      Detailed Description

         The coal washing wastewater of coal industry, slime plant of coal preparation plant and ground washing wastewater of coal-fired power plant are the mixture of water and fine coal powder. Its main characteristics are high turbidity, fine particle size of solid particles, negative charges on the surface of solid particles, and repulsion force between same-sex charges makes these particles disperse in water, which is affected by gravity and Brownian motion The interaction between interfaces (such as adsorption, dissolution, combination, etc.) makes the properties of coal washing wastewater very complex, which not only has the properties of suspension, but also has the properties of colloid. Therefore, it is difficult to clarify the coal washing wastewater naturally, and the supernatant of this kind of wastewater is still a black liquid with a large amount of suspended solids such as peat, which contains various additives and harmful substances such as heavy metals in the process of coal preparation. According to the characteristics of coal washing water, the company specially develops a special flocculant for coal washing, which can effectively treat the slurry water with suspended particles and colloidal properties. It can make the slime water settle quickly in a short time, depress the slime layer at the bottom of the thickener, increase the solid content of the bottom coal seam, and effectively improve the pressure filtration effect.

      Mineral processing flocculant product series:


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