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      Special products for oil field profile control and

      Thickener for emulsion type fracturing
      Thickener for emulsion type fracturing
      Thickener for emulsion type fracturing

      Thickener for emulsion type fracturing

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      Key words: Salt-resistant thickener flocculant special for petroleum fracturing
      Description: The thickening agent developed and produced by our company has a multi-dose function, which achieves the purpose of low-concentration drag reduction and high-concentration sand-carrying during fracturing. It is widely used in fracturing in the Sulige

      Detailed Description

      According to the requirements of drag reducing agent and thickening agent in the fracturing process of high-density oil-bearing gas reservoir, the thickener developed and produced by the company has the function of one agent for multi-purpose, realizing the purpose of low concentration drag reduction and high concentration sand carrying in fracturing process. It has been widely used in the fracturing process of oilfields and gas fields in different regions, and has the technical characteristics of rapid viscosity starting and continuous mixing.

       The main characteristics of the high salt-resistant thickener HDCH-979 are:

      •   According to the on-site situation, provide the liquid distribution requirements adaptable to different salinity;

      •   Low dosage, fast dissolution rate, high viscosity, drag reduction rate greater than 70%;

      •   Improve its salt resistance and temperature resistance;

      •   Carrying sand with high concentration, the sand ratio is not less than 20%



        The main characteristics of low salt resistance thickener HDCH-233 are:

      •   High viscosity, low friction, good sand suspending ability, low fluid loss, good viscosity stability, less residue, easy preparation and low cost.

      •   The prepared aqueous solution has thickening and carrying sand, and the sand ratio is not less than 20%.

      •   Dissolves quickly, dissolves quickly and sticks fast.



        Technical indicators of thickener developed and produced by Hongdali:


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