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      Industrial sewage flocculant

      Special flocculant for sand washing water treatment

      Special flocculant for sand washing water treatment

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      Key words: Sand washing Flocculant Polyacrylamide Emulsion
      Description: For the flocculation and sedimentation of sand washing water treatment, the flocculant developed by Hongdali can provide products suitable for customers after experiments according to the site conditions.

      Detailed Description

       It is because that sand contains a lot of impurities (and a lot of soil), it needs to go through the water system to remove the impurities in order to get qIalified sand for construction and industry. After sand is washed by sand washing machines, there will be a lot of soil in the water. According to the requirements of national environmental protection, sewage can not be discharged randomly and the cost of water should be considered. The clear water obtained from the sedimentation of sewage is used for re-cycling, and the soil is piled up for treatment or pressure filtration before centralized treatment. According to the characteristics of poor water quality, high inorganic content and short flow rate of sand washing water, the company has specially developed flocculation products suitable for sand washing. These products can also be used for different types of sedimentation processes in sand washing plants, which can be used for drying with filter press, and specially design the treatment scheme for discharge of different indicators.

      Technical index of sand washing products

      Sand Wahing

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