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      Industrial sewage flocculant

      Textile flocculant product series

      Textile flocculant product series

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      Key words: Polymer used in flocculant system, high molecular weight, used in textile industry wastewater treatment
      Description: Description: for the wastewater treatment of textile industry, the company develops and produces flocculants which can significantly improve the rheological properties of the dyes, have high viscosity at low shear, and prevent the dye from flowing du

      Detailed Description

      The main applications of polymers in textile industry are as follows:            

      • It is added to the dye as thickener to make the dye have proper rheological property and high viscosity under ground shear, so as to prevent the dye from flowing and diffusing when standing. In this way, the printed pattern has a very clear edge, but the dye viscosity is very low at high shear, making it easy to operate.            

      • As a sizing agent, it can protect the yarn, reduce the number of broken ends, improve the anti-wear ability of yarn in textile, and reduce the fuzzing. The size is connected to the fabric by weak bonds, which only need to work temporarily.            

      The polymer produced by the company has the following characteristics for upper and lower Slurries:            

      • Excellent combination between strands and threads;            

      • High performance on dry looms;            

      • The possibility of yarn adhering to the reel is small;            

      • There is no sediment on the size and loom;            

      • It is easy to prepare and desize.

      If you need more information, please pay attention to our official account.


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